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Persuasion is a form of social influence, and it is the process of guiding the Opponent toward the adoption of a new idea, attitude, or action. That sounds similar to some of Somaliland’s responsibilities to gain Recognition?When you’re in a Critical Situation Like This Talks Between Somaliland and Somalia, we need to get things done wisely and perfectly. One of the most effective ways to make sure that this should happen is to use persuasion. We don’t Have to forget that one of the most crucial cornerstones of

Negotiating is to influence others. We can use persuasion to push Somalia Leaders to make new decisions, and also use it to negotiate through difficult situations and arrive at mutual agreements in a skillful way.Our ability to bring Somalia to a convinced position to accept our self-declaration is crucial. That is if we want to change the hard, rough, and long waited process of acquiring recognition. It is all understandable in Somaliland that our quest for recognition for the past 30 years has not been successful. That is why we must present this persuasive strategy now in order to inspire Somalia.If We haven’t experienced the way to negotiate or persuasively state our opinion, we are most likely missing out on opportunities where we can make a difference in This Talks. In this regard, Somaliland leaders need to learn how to successfully use persuasion to achieve desired goals. On the same note, leaders have to be careful to not overuse this skill, particularly when under extreme pressure. They may be perceived as an intimidating opponent rather than a skilled, persuasive negotiator.I have put together a number of ways to convince Southern Somalia to recognize us:1. We Don’t have to convert. Somaliland Should Forget about trying to convert Leaders of Somalia. The chances of seeing them get down on their knees and apologize for being wrong are remote or very rare. The best job is to raise doubts about the wisdom of their view. However, multiple studies have shown that forgiveness helps sustain good relationships, and reduces anxiety (Exline et al, 2003; Luskin, 2002; Worthington and Scherer, 2004). Forgiveness may require relinquishing something that was important to you, such as giving up your moral indignation, your desire for retaliation, or your attachment to being right. Yet forgiveness is useful to community building because people who forgive tend to be more flexible and less certain in their expectations, both in how life will be or how others will treat them. Forgiving people have chosen not to perpetuate a historical grievance; they are somehow able to turn the page, loosen themselves from the grip of the past, and reframe their own story. Nelson Mandela Said, “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” 2. Stay calm, carry on, and Stop Getting Personal. We Have to be mindful of our emotions. When anger from the Wars with Somalia overtakes us, Our cause will be weakened. Being passionate and Being expressive is Good. But we should stay calm and carry on. Anger is what made us less appealing. And also Direct attacks on both the People of southern Somalia and their Leader’s lifestyle, integrity, or honesty should be avoided. We have to Attack the issue, not the Persons for example we Should avoid words like ‘FAQASH’. As well If they attack us then we can take the high ground.3. Compliment Sincerely and Make Your Behavioral Flexible – As a Humankind We are all so positively affected by compliments, and we’re more apt to trust people for whom we have good feelings. We Have to Try to compliment sincerely The Southern Somalia Population, their Regions and Also Their Leaders and often for things they aren’t typically complimented for, Some Good Compliments For Somalia are (Who Can’t-Miss out AFGOYE BANANA, We appreciate the way you challenge us, Southern Somalis capacity for kindness is boundless). it’s the easiest thing you can do to persuade others that doesn’t cost anything but a moment of thought. – As well It’s the person with the most flexibility, not necessarily the most power, who’s in control. Children are often so persuasive because they’re willing to go through a litany of behaviors to get what they want (pouting, bargaining, pleading, charming), while parents are stuck with the single response of “No.” The larger your repertoire of behaviors, the more persuasive you’ll be.4. Look for a win-win, Make a concession. And Moreover Reciprocity Compels: We Should be open-minded to a compromise position that accommodates our main points and some of our opponent’s ‘Somalia’. We cannot both win in a boxing match but we can both win in a negotiation. Also Knowing what we can concede without damaging our stance is one of the great arts of winning an argument. As a debater, ‘Abraham Lincoln conceded that states had rights, but not the right to enslave or export slavery to other states’. Furthermore, When I do something for you, you feel compelled to do something for me. It is part of our evolutionary DNA to help each other out to survive as a species. More importantly, Somaliland can leverage reciprocity disproportionately in her favor. By providing small gestures of consideration to Somalia, we can ask for more back in return which they will happily provide. Donations Can be Good Reciprocity. 5. Paint a picture and above that Set Expectations. An analogy is a powerful and persuasive way to bring a point home, especially when the analogy links the subject at issue to the personal experience of the audience. For instance, What we see is more potent than what we hear. We Have to make Somalilan’s recognitions first impressions perfect. Also, master the ability to paint an image for our Opponents ‘Somalia’ -, in their mind’s eye, of a future experience you can provide for them. But we have to be careful with analogies. Using them sparingly is wise. We have to be well-armed to develop and defend the validity of the ones we use. In Addition to that Much of persuasion is managing other’s expectations to trust in your judgment. Persuasion is simply about understanding and over-delivering on other’s expectations.6. Create Urgency – We have to be able to instill a sense of urgency in the Negotiation table to want to act right away. If We’re not motivated enough to want something right now, it’s unlikely we’ll find that motivation in the future. We have to persuade people in the present, and urgency is our most valuable card to play.7. Persistence Pays – The persons who are willing to keep asking for what they want, and keeps demonstrating value, is ultimately the most persuasive. The way that so many historical figures have ultimately persuaded masses of people is by staying persistent in their endeavors and message. Consider Abraham Lincoln, who lost his mother, three sons, a sister, his girlfriend, failed in business, and lost eight separate elections before he was elected president of the United States.8. Know your enemy. Understand the position of your adversary–not in a caricatured or superficial form, but at it’s strongest. Knowing your own position is only half the battle.Ahmed Ismail Mire.

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